Proposals for Topic Study Groups

Research papers that reflect thought out studies related to the Topic Study Group themes, both those that have significant practical implications for teaching and learning and those bring new results, trends and developments in research, are welcome.

Submissions are only allowed if the corresponding author is registered in the online system.

All proposals will be reviewed, after which notification of the decision to accept or reject the proposals will be emailed in September 15, 2017. If the proposals are accepted, the authors should submit full papers before the announced deadline. The full papers and the abstracts of the papers for accepted proposals will be peer-reviewed, feedbacks will be given by the reviewers for the authors to revise their manuscripts, and decisions on acceptance of publication in conference proceedings will also be given.

All the revised full papers will be able to present in the conference, but only those with a decision of acceptance will be able to publish in the conference proceedings with consent of the authors. Authors may select to publish only the abstracts or the full papers in the conference proceedings.

The TSG themes are:
TSG 1: Flexibility in Mathematics Curriculum and Materials
TSG 2: Flexibility in Mathematics Classroom Practices
TSG 3: Flexibility in Mathematics Assessment
TSG 4: Flexibility in Mathematics Teacher Education and Development
TSG 5: Flexibility in the Use of Communication of Mathematics
TSG 6: Flexibility in Mathematics Learning