Proposals for Working Groups

The following proposals are welcome for Working Groups: completed research in a country/region that are searching for collaboration from other countries/regions; ongoing studies searching for collaboration from other researchers; ideas of research generated from practical experiences that may lead to new directions and pathways of mathematics education or research.

Proposals for Working Groups are a one-page summary. The proposal application must include:

  • names of at least two presenting coordinators;
  • information about the background of the topic of the Working Group;
  • a short outline about goals and/or questions which guide the work in the Working Group;
  • a short outline about the activities planned, including how the attendees can participate actively, for the 90-minute sessions.

Submissions are only allowed if all the coordinators are registered in the online system.

The proposals will be reviewed and selected by International Program Committee and Local Committee. Notification of the decision to accept or reject the proposals will be emailed in September 30, 2017. Accepted proposals will be included in the conference proceedings provided the full conference fees for all the coordinators are paid before February 15, 2018.